Guarantee of Water Quality:

We guarantee that with application of the Water Reclaim System for the treatment of waste water in the car wash industry the following quality of the water can be reached: (However one should obtain the instructions for use and service).

o Oxygen > 60%
o Oil emulsion < 5 PPM
o TDS < 1500
o Conductivity < 2000 micro Siemens
o Particle size < 5 micron
o Ph value 6,0 - 8,0
o COD reduction 1:10
o BOD number < 150 mg/1.

The treated water is process water and cannot be used for drinking, preparation of food, or personal care.

Because the waxes and detergents are biodegradable, they are transformed to CO2 and H2O. Inorganic materials are cleaned from oily particles and separated in the double vortex cyclone to smaller than 20 microns. As long as the circumstances remain aerobic, NO pathogenic bacteria can develop, therefore the Water Reclaim System is able to guarantee the absence of pathogens like E-coli and Legionella.

With electrical power available to circulate the water, inject the correct oxygen level and P-350 to feed the bacteria, nature will do the rest.

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